U.S. Energy Development Corporation Announces $8.5 Million Co-Development in the Permian Basin

September 16, 2020.

U.S. Energy Development Corporation acquires interest in Texas-based Columbia Project Operated by Shell Oil Company.
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An Arlington Oil and Gas Company Just Made a Large Contribution to a Local Food Pantry

September 10, 2020.

U.S. Energy Development Corporation and Mission Arlington staff pose together after the corporation donated a Chevy Silverado truck to the food pantry.

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Media Alert: U.S. Energy has Partnered with the National Forest Foundation

September 9, 2020.

U.S. Energy Development Corporation is excited to continue our commitment to building stronger communities and has announced a partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

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Media Alert: U.S. Energy Donates $2,500 to Armed Services

September 1, 2020.

U.S. Energy Development Corporation supports troops in all branches of the Armed Services.

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Media Alert: CEO of U.S. Energy Development Corporation to Speak at Oil & Gas Conference

August 18, 2020.

U.S. Energy Corporation (USEDC), a leader in oil & gas direct investments for clients with tax planning needs, will be present at The 2020 Oil & Gas Conference today. CEO Jordan Jayson to speak and host fireside chat.

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$30 Oil To Create New Opportunities For Direct Energy Investors




March 13, 2020.

As Seen In Real Asset Adviser’s April 2020 Magazine: Access Digital Format
As fears surrounding the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what it could mean to the global economy reached new highs, financial markets across the world have been in decline.  Adding to the stress of an already fragile global economy, on March 6 OPEC+ talks of reducing the supply of oil between the second and third largest producers in the world – Russia and Saudi Arabia – collapsed.

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U.S. Energy Development Corporation Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Big-Data Mindset Paving The Future

February 27, 2020.

Arlington-based U.S. Energy Development Corporation, an Exploration & Production (E&P) Company which provides direct investments in energy, celebrated its 40th anniversary in early 2020.  Outside of celebratory events earlier this year, its full-steam ahead for this technology-focused company that has deployed more than $200 million in new energy projects over the past 18 months and has raised over $1.4 billion in energy partnerships since 1999.  

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U.S. Energy Participates in 9 Well / $49 Million Development in the Powder River Basin


June 19, 2019

Arlington, Texas – U.S. Energy Development Corporation, one of the largest sponsors of direct-ownership oil and gas investments, has announced participation in a 9 well oil development project in the Powder River Basin, also known as the PRB. The company committed $6.6 million to this project on behalf of one of its Acquisition Funds, the Strategic Energy Income Fund V LP. As of mid-June, production from the first four wells was averaging approximately 700 barrels per day, which is above type-curve for this stage of production (footnote 1). Revenue associated with these wells are anticipated to be received this summer (footnote 2).

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U.S. Energy Announces Participation in a $77 Million Development of its ‘Echo’ Project in New Mexico


April 30, 2019

Arlington, Texas – U.S. Energy Development Corporation has announced that the company is participating in a $77 million development of its Echo project acreage. The project will co-invest with three other companies and includes an interest in 8 oil wells for a net investment of $5.5 million. Current development is expected to create additional cash flow while potentially increasing the future divestment value on the more than 2,700 net acres owned in the Echo project.

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U.S. Energy ‘Echo’ Project Distributes 61% to Investors on Initial Asset Sale


December 12, 2018

Arlington, Texas – U.S. Energy Development Corporation, an independent oil and gas operator specializing in direct participation programs, has sold a portion of its Echo project to Devon Energy (NYSE: DVN) for a 61.35% distribution net to its Strategic Energy Income Fund V LP; one of the company’s Acquisition Funds.  The Echo Project was acquired by the Strategic Energy Income Fund V LP in early 2018 and proceeds were distributed in October 2018.

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