Mission Statement


Our corporate motto, “Strive for Excellence” is more than just words. At U.S. Energy Development Corporation it is a way of life. This is our fifth decade as a dynamic force in the exciting and profitable oil and gas industry. Over the years U.S. Energy has pioneered a unique project development approach that focuses on opportunities throughout onshore North America but only invests in the projects that our collective experience tells us have a high potential for success in the long run. The benefits of this approach are numerous, including:

1) U.S. Energy’s team of professionals carefully reviews thousands of projects annually, selecting only the most promising for investment.

2) By investing in select opportunities, U.S. Energy avoids focusing too narrowly on any particular area which may not be favorable over the long term.

3) Project and commodity diversity are critical for long term growth and can be achieved.

4) U.S. Energy integrates the newest technologies in each well we drill, providing valuable information that can be applied to future projects.

Our growth and expansion continues to progress in the areas of partnership formation, exploratory projects, acquisitions, leasing, and non-conventional energy sources.

We look forward to the years ahead with tremendous optimism that the oil and gas industry will remain a favorable investment for many decades to come.

Come share our vision.