Acquisitions & Divestitures

Acquisitions and Divestitures

U.S. Energy® has a long history of operating productive assets for our partners, unrelated third parties and on its own behalf. History of industry relationships with over 30 joint venture partners.

Mergers-&-Acquisitions-(2)For more than 35 years, U.S. Energy Development Corporation has successfully been acquiring and divesting oil and gas properties throughout the United States. The company’s long-standing industry experience as a proven operator of oil and gas assets gives U.S. Energy a significant strategic advantage when making new acquisition and divestiture decisions.

To ensure that every aspect of a potential acquisition is thoroughly reviewed, the company has assembled an Investment and Acquisition Committee with a wide range of technical experience that can include geology, finance, field operations and financial services. Recent economic conditions have created new and exciting opportunities for acquisitions and divestitures in the energy industry and U.S. Energy has identified several regions throughout onshore North America which we continue to actively explore. Acquisitions have included oil and natural gas producing properties, midstream assets (pipelines & disposal wells), working interest ownership and acreage across multiple states and oil and natural gas formations.



Is Your Company Acquiring or Divesting Oil and Gas Assets? 

We’re looking to continue our company’s high-growth formula and are seeking a select number of business partners for exciting and new opportunities.

What Are We Looking For?

  • Producing Properties
  • Royalties
  • Lease Opportunities
  • Storage Facilities
  • Joint Venture Partners
  • MidStream Assets

Where Can You Find Us?

  • Marcellus
  • Eagleford
  • Woodford
  • Barnett
  • Bakken
  • Utica
  • Wolfberry
  • Three Forks
  • Mississippian

Contact U.S. Energy’s Acquisition Team. We will work with you!

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