Energy Insights – 40th Anniversary

U.S. Energy Development Corporation Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Big-Data Mindset Paving the Future

Arlington-based U.S. Energy Development Corporation, an Exploration & Production (E&P) Company which provides direct investments in energy, celebrated its 40th anniversary in early 2020.  Outside of celebratory events earlier this year, its full-steam ahead for this technology-focused company that has deployed more than $200 million in new energy projects over the past 18 months and has deployed over $1.4 billion in energy partnerships since 1999.  

In the last several years, the emergence of big-data has allowed companies like U.S. Energy to see patterns, trends, and interrelations in oil and gas projects.  Following the 2014 oil price drop, U.S. Energy made a concerted shift towards the application of metadata-driven decisions that increased operating efficiency, daily production, and total recoverable reserves from its wells.  

“Throughout our hiring expansion, U.S. Energy has brought on more Petroleum Engineers than Geologists,” commented Jordan M. Jayson, U.S. Energy’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors.  “Our ability to apply predictive analytics, metadata, and next-generation technology has been instrumental to provide safe, reliable, and repeatable results throughout our drilling and acquisition efforts.”  

In the Eagle Ford Shale and Permian Basin, which are primary areas of operation for the company, U.S. Energy analyzes data from both its operated horizontal oil wells in addition to hundreds of offsetting wells already producing nearby when making new capital expenditures.  Using production and geologic data, the company has decreased drilling costs by 40% on operated wells in the Eagle Ford Shale since 2015.  Between 2018 and 2019, U.S. Energy set three drilling speed records. 

In addition to operational improvements, the company also noted that access to big-data allows the company to react quickly to changing commodity prices.  “While lower oil prices might be viewed as a threat to others in the energy sector, U.S. Energy has found that changing energy cycles have created some of the best investment opportunities in our 40-year history,” highlighted Executive Vice President Matthew P. Iak (footnote 1).  “There are more opportunities than capital.  It’s a buyer’s market,”  

U.S. Energy was originally founded as an Appalachian-based operator in Buffalo, New York.  The company opened an office in Arlington, Texas in 2014 which provided the company with increased access to industry experts and specialized companies on the forefront of today’s technological advancements.  Arlington, Texas was named the official headquarters for the company in 2018.  The company operates additional offices in Amherst, New York and Bradford, Pennsylvania.   Since 1980 U.S. Energy has invested in, operated and/or drilled more than 2,400 oil and natural gas wells across 13 states and Canada. 

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